Special Ed. Director


Barbie Priest

Special Ed. Co-Director


Suzanne Venable



Jerri Sarten


Christy Robertson serves Abernathy Elementary and Jr. High, Akin Elementary and Carr Middle School in Hale Center, and New Deal Elementary

Megan Horton serves Shallowater Jr. High and Shallowater High School

Kaylee Harris serves Shallowater Elementary, Shallowater Intermediate, Shallowater Middle School and Shallowater High School PPCD and LLC classes 

Emma Castillo serves Hale Center High School, Abernathy High School, and New Deal High School

Kelly Welch serves Olton ISD

Speech Therapists

Sharon Davis serves Shallowater ISD

Lindsay Kirkland serves Shallowater ISD

Nancy Oliver serves Abernathy ISD

Candace Moore serves Shallowater ISD

Laurie Biera serves Olton ISD and Hale Center ISD

Kaye Griffis serves New Deal ISD

Holly Carter serves New Deal ISD 


Charlie Berry Physical Therapist serves HONDA SSA

Laura Alexander Occupational Therapist serves HONDA SSA

Judy Perry Visual Specialist serves HONDA SSA

Stephanie Barbre Behavior Specialist Serves HONDA SSA

Cindy Nelson Instructional Specialist serves HONDA SSA

Larry Aldridge Transition Coordinator serves HONDA SSA

Tonya Burk Auditory Impairment Teacher serves HONDA SSA